Asking for Trouble - Becky McGraw

Asking for Trouble

By Becky McGraw

  • Release Date: 2017-10-31
  • Genre: Western



Country Fiddler Jazzie Ramos doesn't know what to do with herself now that her best friend and band mate is getting married. The band has finally broken through, she's making oodles of money, so why isn't she happier about it? Even playing in Tahiti at her friend's wedding can't seem to break the funk that's plagued her for months. But when a surefire cure for the blues shows up at the wedding, Beau Bowman, a hotter than jalapenos Texas Ranger she'd met in Bowie, Jazzie decides it's way past time she wrinkled the sheets with the sexy lawman.Her plans get interrupted, though, by a frantic call from home. Her youngest brother is in trouble, and she has to get home fast. When Beau insists on helping her, how can she accept when she knows the characters Frankie is involved with could kill him? And if the gangsters don't knock him off, her older brothers might when they see the sparks flying between them?

A western romantic suspense series with hot cowboys, a dash of suspense and a lot of southern humor--the perfect recipe for Trouble. All twelve books in the Texas Trouble series can be read as standalone novels.