Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse: Abyss - Shawn Chesser

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse: Abyss

By Shawn Chesser

  • Release Date: 2017-05-15
  • Genre: Horror
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 55 Ratings)

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"A gut-wrenching, hard hitting series that will leave you breathless." John O'Brien - Best-selling author of the New World series

"Shawn Chesser is a master of the zombie genre." Mark Tufo - Best-selling author of the Zombie Fallout series

"Through a combination of tight, well-structured plots and fully realized characters, Chesser has emerged as one of the top indie writers in the business." Joe McKinney – Two-time Bram Stoker Award winner and best-selling author of the Dead World series

Edited by Monique Happy Editorial Services
128,000 words

Outbreak - Day 1

Presidents, premiers, entire governments disappeared instantly, like a fragile house of cards in a hurricane. Some hid deep underground or holed up in fortified strongholds, but most were swallowed up by the dead, never to be heard from again.


A deep or seemingly bottomless chasm.

A wide or profound difference between people.

The regions of hell conceived of as a bottomless pit.

A catastrophic situation seen as likely to occur.

For Cade Grayson—doting father, faithful husband, and patriotic Delta Force operator—the above definitions are much more than mere words following a dictionary heading: They all make up his new reality.

Following a successful mission to the nation’s former capital, Cade returns to the compound in rural Utah to find his life irrevocably altered.

Five days later and still reeling from the catastrophic event that pushed him physically and mentally to the edge of the metaphorical abyss—Cade sets out to fulfill a longstanding promise: escort his daughter, Raven, outside the wire to begin the long process of honing the skills she will need to survive the zombie apocalypse.

But things happen while they are away that put the integrity of the compound and the lives of its survivors in jeopardy.

After unknown entities make a surprise appearance outside the Eden compound wire, and suspicions arise among the survivors that one of their own may not hold the group’s best interests at heart, Cade sets out on a new mission saddled with many more questions than he has answers for.

Will Cade find outside the wire all that he is searching for?

Will the Eden survivors discover a traitor in their midst while Cade is away?

Most importantly: After looking into their own personal abyss, will the denizens of Eden ever be the same?

Discover who has what it takes to survive the Zombie Apocalypse ... and who doesn’t.