Cemetery Dance: Issue 71 - Richard Chizmar

Cemetery Dance: Issue 71

By Richard Chizmar

  • Release Date: 2017-07-27
  • Genre: Horror

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This is only our third "All Fiction" Special Issue in more than 25 years of publishing the magazine, and the previous two were extremely popular with our readers and collectors.
"In the Room" by Bentley Little
"Sacred Duty" by Simon Clark
"Odd Man Out" by Darrell Schweitzer
"A Million Miles from Graceland" by Christopher Reynaga
"Gorilla in my Room" by Jack Ketchum
"An Authentic Nichole Freres" by Sean Manseau
"The Green Man of Punta Cabre" by Daniel Braum
"The Collector" by Coleen Anderson
"Colorblind" by Eric Red
"Teratogen" by Deborah Kalin
"Quarantine" by Joel Lane
"The Infected" by Taylor Grant
"Perfect Little Town" by Blake Crouch
The Usual Suspects
"Words from the Editor" by Richard Chizmar
"Cemetery Dance Reviews"
"Feature Review of Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King" by Bev Vincent