Days Later - W. Neil

Days Later

By W. Neil

  • Release Date: 2017-08-26
  • Genre: Drama
5 Score: 5 (From 13 Ratings)


Days Later is a moratorium drama that bridges the gap between normality and reality. Provided a fair chance at romance, Gio Hamption is a successful Sports Journalist that battles not only with career choices, but a social complex that leaves it difficult to find simplicity in sexual comradery. 

Opening up in a Gentleman’s Club located in Atlanta, Georgia Days Later conveys Gio challenged with a struggle that compiles restraints on a relationship he’s held for nearly 10 years. While contemplating the circumstances leading up to the brawl between himself and long time boyfriend Roland Chartman, he was approached by an individual whose façade nearly knocked his socks off. As things grew complicated, he found the man of his dreams to dismay an utter nightmare after what was suppose to be a birthday celebration for Gio’s cousin Lula turned fatal. Roland and Gio continued to work on finding a comfortable place for the issues suppressing their journey, but as time moved forward their growth seemed to remain stagnant. 

Taking on a promotion that landed him the title of Chief Editor for Sports Illustrated pinged a drastic change that required Gio to relocate from Atlanta to New York City. Along came Lula, who went from coffee shop clerk to one on the hottest Exotic Dancers in the Entertainment Industry. As both of their careers continued to flourish so did their love lives. While being introduced to Lula’s new beau, NFL star Kyle Stanford and his teammate Cahlil Thane, Gio found himself in another love triangle.

Things grew complicated for Roland, while Gio and Cahlil broke barriers as Hollywood’s trendiest new couple. This title didn’t come easy though as scrutiny felt awaken by the general public, some family and even friends forcing both gentlemen to step out of their comfort zone. Gio wasn’t the only one with complicated relationship ties, as Lula quickly found out about a secret Kyle formidably hid from her and Gio’s brother, NBA rookie Qwin Hampton, learned the lady he had been fighting for his family to accept had a few concealed pretensions of her own.


  • Days Later

    By big curt
    The book is a page turner from start to finish its engaging and intriguing
  • Intrigued

    By TJsongwriter
    Definitely an interesting story with great twists. I am very intrigued with the love triangle involved in this book. I recommended this page turner to anyone who enjoys reading about drama and romance.
  • Awesome

    By Thedayinlife
    Great read!
  • Refreshing

    By Karlito121
    I truly enjoyed reading Days Later. The story was easy to follow and relatable( I'm sure someone can relate to certain situations or person in this book ). I like the fact that it wasn't typical to the point where you already know what's going to happen. If left me engaged and wanting more !!!
  • Two thumbs up

    By Lourn Tun
    W.Neil's storytelling style is refreshing. Readers can easily relate with the characters in the story. Can't wait for the sequels!