Murder Of A Werewolf - April Fernsby

Murder Of A Werewolf

By April Fernsby

  • Release Date: 2017-05-06
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 158 Ratings)


A cozy mystery with witches, talking cats and magic

Brimstone - a town where supernatural beings live - and where crime is on the increase.

Just like her gran, Cassia Winter is a witch. The Winter witches are responsible for investigating crimes in Brimstone. The only problem is, Cassia doesn't know she's a witch yet.

When Gran tells Cassia about her true nature, Cassia dismisses it as nonsense. But a terrible incident causes Cassia to change her mind. With her cat, Stanley, at her side, Cassia enters Brimstone and is soon investigating the murder of a werewolf.


  • An easy enjoyable read

    By MusicForLifemp
    I finished this book quickly. It’s a pleasant book that I found myself liking the characters and wanting to solve the mystery of the book. It’s missing some depth to the characters and I wish the town had more detail and a thorough background history but I wouldn’t hold it against the author because it was overall a enjoyable book.
  • Murder of a werewolf

    By white witch59
    I really enjoyed this book. The time flew. I will definitely get more books in this series.
  • Short and sweet

    By Southern Laura
    Good short book.. wish it had started a little slower to learn more about the main character.. and it was a little cheesy but in all a good read and made me want to read more of this series. 🤓
  • Highly recommended paranormal mystery

    By Francis465
    An amazing paranormal mystery that will keep you guessing until the end. I highly recommend this book.
  • Good start to a fun series

    By Little Shiro
    OK, so I decided to get this book after I found that it was free, because why say no to a free book? Plus, mystery novels are fun. To say the least, I wasn’t disappointed by it. Starting off pretty simple with a werewolf turning up dead, it starts us off by showing us the world of Brimstone and introducing us to our core characters. Each one is fairly distinct and fun to read. Furthermore, the mystery is pretty good and, though a little cliche, managed to get me invested in finding out who the killer was. I would say my only complaint would be the Cassia’s boyfriend, Alastair, who I considered rather uneven in terms of characterization. It’s clear from the start that he’s meant to be someone we quickly dislike to further push Cassia to leave the normal world to become a part of Brimstone and, while it is meant to show how Cassia learns to stand up to someone abusive, it ends up a little clunky when he suddenly comes back at the end saying he was wrong to treat her that way and asking her to marry him. Maybe I’m just missing that he hadn’t changed at all and was just trying to manipulate her by pretending to have changed, but I don’t know. He at least wasn’t around for the whole thing and presumably won’t show up again after this, but it still is the weakest part of the book. I definitely consider this worthy of a read. :)
  • Delightful Imagination:

    By NitaH.
    It's a quick and easy book to read and the imagination of the author is quite sweet with her butterfly tree and such. A good, quick book to read that leaves you wanting more stories in the future.
  • Nice Book

    By Paqui65
    It was very entertaining I love to see the other books I would recomend this book to all people who likes the supernatural Thank you Paquita Alvarez
  • Murder of a Werewolf

    By BlueFire#1
    What a fun book! Wonderful story, the plot was great and the characters were so believable. Loved it! I can't wait to read the next one!
  • Great book!!

    By MA2674
    Murder of a Werewolf is a fun and quirky mystery. A great beginning to a series. Love the door in the basement that leads to a whole new world. Cassia & her gran are characters I want to read more about. Brimstone seems like a world filled with possibilities to explore. Really enjoyed this story! Highly recommend!!