Word of Mouth 2.0 - Adam McClellan & Chance Allred CSO Vivint Solar

Word of Mouth 2.0

By Adam McClellan & Chance Allred CSO Vivint Solar

  • Release Date: 2019-03-06
  • Genre: Business & Personal Finance
5 Score: 5 (From 24 Ratings)


In the world of direct sales, referrals are gold. Adam McClellan, a regional vice president at Vivint Solar knows this firsthand: More than 80 percent of his direct sales come from referrals, and for the first time, he’s sharing the secrets of his success with direct sellers outside of his inner circle. He focuses on how social media—particularly Facebook—can improve your quality of relationships with customers and turbocharge business. Learn how to: determine whether you need a separate business Facebook page; post content that resonates with customers; and help your clients begin to generate referrals for you. Using Facebook to create sales requires patience, organization, and strategy—so if you think simply creating a Facebook page will solve your sales problems, you’re wrong. But by following proven strategies, you can change your sales trajectory and start multiplying business with referrals.


  • These Methods Skyrocketed My Business

    By Mystardust5
    I first learned these methods from Adam in April of 2014. I never joined the direct-sales industry because I was excited to knock doors, so from the first time I heard Adam teach these referral generating methods I was hooked and applied them immediately. It resulted in setting some local office records and 70-80% of my customers being referrals. Do yourself a favor.. Learn and APPLY this stuff consistently and it will skyrocket your business, guaranteed. Thank you, Adam. -Trit
  • Pure Gold for any sales organization

    By Fil Barros
    Adam Has reached the pinnacle of success when it comes to attaining new customers through a referral basis. He elaborates on the steps he takes and the Mindset behind his method of customer acquisition. Truly amazing book filled with golden nuggets you can apply today!
  • Exciting new techniques to generate sales!

    By America Will Prevail.
    This book was easy to read and very helpful in understanding how to generate referrals using Facebook by leveraging customers that you create on the doors. I’m excited to see how these techniques work.
  • Business Owner

    By Janis McClellan
    I’ve been a business owner for 38 years from referrals only. Adam has lots of great ideas to help my business become even better. I especially like the personal stories and bio.
  • Word of Mouth 2.0

    This book is such an easy read. I ordered several copies for my sales team. Tons of great content and I truly believe if I execute some of these principles that was shared on this boom, I will have at least a 20% increase in my income.
  • Multiply Your Reach and Results Now!

    Adam is a Master of creating an incredible customer experience and, getting his customers to want to share his offer with everyone they know. Using the principles he simply outlines in this book will multiply your reach & take your production to the next level. I've seen it make a huge difference for my sales process, I'm convinced anyone who reads Adam's book and uses his techniques will see the same positive results!
  • Strong recommend

    By Grant Skeptical
    Great read! Tons of takeaways. Perfect and easy read for anyone trying to boost their referral percentage in a direct sales environment. Strong recommend.
  • Great Strategies everyone can use!

    By Winstonatlas
    This book is filled with very common sense tips and strategies to build your business. The best part is that you can put these plans into action without spending a fortune on ads, mailers, leads etc. Adam didn’t just study sales and then write a book. He has always been a leader who “leads from the front”. This book is the result of years of work and trial and error. I’m excited to implement what I have learned!
  • So much knowledge!!!

    By LandMine801
    So much knowledge crammed into 1 book. Nobody creates a customer experience quite like Adam McClellan. He is truly the master of the referral game! This book is going into my quarterly rotation.
  • So much experience in this book!

    By van Belle
    Such a quick easy read that is PACKED with gems for getting referrals through social media the SMART way. This book will definitely up your game and bring it tons of referrals in while at the same time creating the right type of relationships with customers. This is a no-brainer purchase if you’re in any type of sales.