Brimstone Witch Mysteries - Box Set 4 - April Fernsby

Brimstone Witch Mysteries - Box Set 4

By April Fernsby

  • Release Date: 2019-04-09
  • Genre: Fantasy


Box Set 4

This box set contains the following stories:

A Grotesque Murder

The Missing Unicorn

The Satyr's Secret

A Grotesque Murder:

"He wasn't a gargoyle. He was a grotesque. There's a difference."
Cassia and Stanley are confronted with the suspicious death of a grotesque. He was pushed from a roof in the magical town of Brimstone — according to the gargoyle who found him. The same gargoyle has a deep dislike for grotesques and instantly becomes a suspect for the investigating duo.
Cassia looks to the residents of Brimstone for help with the investigation, but to her dismay, she discovers they've been transfixed by the intoxicating tales from a storyteller called Quinn Ocean. Quinn captivates his audience to the extent they are unaware of the outside world. Stanley immediately distrusts him.
As their investigation continues, it becomes clear to Cassia and Stanley the murder of the grotesque is linked to the arrival of the storyteller. But how can they prove that when the Brimstone residents are in awe of him? Even when they have evidence, will anyone believe them? They have no option but to look for help elsewhere.

The Missing Unicorn:

A dead unicorn.

A missing body.

A whirlwind marriage.

They're all connected to an ancient ritual which has suddenly been revived in the magical town of Brimstone.

Suspecting the unicorn was murdered, justice witch Cassia Winter begins her investigation. Her cat Stanley is right at her side.

Their investigation leads them to a town full of conniving characters and shady deals. Does the murderer live amongst them? If so, how are they connected to Brimstone and the ancient ritual?

As they investigate, Cassia and Stanley realise the killer could be closer to home.

The Satyr's Secret:

Three missing witches.

Three conniving wizards who are keeping secrets.

And a retirement village full of strange flowers and a heart-rending past.

Cassia and Stanley visit the Mirella Retirement Village to look into the disappearance of three witches. They are hindered by a young witch, Trent, who is the grandson of one of the witches - Brigid Sangrey. Despite his initial anger at their presence, he eventually agrees to help with the investigation.

Cassia finds Brigid Sangrey's spellbook. The book reveals a decades-old incident which involved black magic. Is someone now getting their revenge on the witches because of this incident?

Also, has the incident got anything to do with the strange blue flowers which grow abundantly in the village?

And why do only satyrs work in the village? Are they connected to the missing witches?

The investigation is brought to an abrupt halt when a tragedy occurs which devastates Cassia.