Bride On Demand - Keiko Okamoto & Kay Thorpe

Bride On Demand

By Keiko Okamoto & Kay Thorpe

  • Release Date: 2019-06-08
  • Genre: Women


When they reunited, hotshot banker Liam kissed Regan, reminding her of their passionate romance, which she has been trying so hard to forget. Liam was the president of the company where Regan worked seven years ago…and her first love. She worked hard and made a bold attempt to seduce him. She was successful and they fell in love. However, after a months-long relationship, the ambitious and coldhearted Liam decided to marry the daughter of a wealthy family. So why are Liam’s eyes again filled with desire for Regan? Whatever the reason, she’s determined not to make the same mistake again or let him find out the secret she’s been keeping from him!