Already Mine - Complete Series - Anna Scott

Already Mine - Complete Series

By Anna Scott

  • Release Date: 2019-06-18
  • Genre: Contemporary
4 Score: 4 (From 26 Ratings)


Never Good Enough.
Never the Chosen One.
Julieann Masters was the girl nobody wanted. She was the girl who was so stupid, she even tried to get her mean as hell bitch of a mother to love her.
After learning all of her life that she was no one's priority, she set her sights on one other than Justin Danes? The hottest biker in the Makers of Peace MC? She had really lost it this time.
Justin was not only the sexiest man alive, but he was one hell of a player. Sure, he led her on. He played with her heart, but it was her fault. She let him.
He's turned his back on her for the last time.
Julie is sick of Justin's mind games. She is sick of coming in last in everyone's life.
From this day forward, she will be number one to someone; even if it is just to herself.  

Book 2

Fear won't get in the way.
Not this time.
Not ever again.
Justin Danes is a badass biker, not the preppy rich kids he was born to be. He doesn't fit - not anywhere but in the club and now, with his woman.
The question is, how the hell does a guy hang onto a girl like Julie? She is running scared. He has no idea just how bad her life has been, but every time he turns around, he is finding out more he never knew.
He won't make that mistake again.
Justin is going to learn to listen to her.
Justin is going to find a way to keep her forever.

Book 3

Everything is on the line.
Justin and Julie have been through so damn much already, how will they be able to hold it together?
Do they want to?
Is it worth it?
Julie has confronted way too much of Justin's crap.
Justin has run after his escaping woman too damn many times.
Will either of the stubborn idiots give in and accept the joy just on the other side?

This is the Complete Already Mine Series by Anna Scott.