The Science Fiction Collection - Ray Bradbury, Various Authors, Murray Leinster, Lester del Rey, Harry Harrison, Frank Herbert, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Poul Anderson, Fritz Leiber, Ben Bova & Steppenwolf Press

The Science Fiction Collection

By Ray Bradbury, Various Authors, Murray Leinster, Lester del Rey, Harry Harrison, Frank Herbert, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Poul Anderson, Fritz Leiber, Ben Bova & Steppenwolf Press

  • Release Date: 2019-07-16
  • Genre: Law

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One of the greatest sci fi collections available, with over 125 awesome tales from the masters of the genre.


The Sentimentalists, by Murray Leinster
Jekyll-Hyde planet, by Jack Lewis
Lost Art, by G.K. Hawk
Avoidance Situation, by James McConnell
Community Property, by Alfred Coppel
Journey Work, by Dave Dryfoos
Catalysis, by Poul Anderson
Bright Islands, by Frank Riley
The Happy Clown, by Alice Eleanor Jones
The Girls from Earth, by Frank Robinson
Birthright, by April Smith
The Death Traps of FX-31, by Sewell Wright
Bleedback, by Winston Marks
Les Machines, by Joe Love
Song in a minor key, by C.L. Moore
Dearest Enemy, by Fox Holden
The Drivers, by Edward Ludwig
Sentry of the Sky, by Evelyn E. Smith
Dreamtown U. S. A., by Leo Kelley
Meeting of the Minds, by Robert Sheckley
Easy Does It, by E.G. von Wald
Junior, by Robert Abernathy
Ecology on Rollins Island, by Varley Lang
Death Wish, by Ned Lang
Dead World, by Jack Douglas
Escape Mechanism, by Charles Fritch
Cost of Living, by Robert Sheckley
First Stage: Moon, by Dick Hetschel
Family Tree, by Charles Fontenay
Aloys, by R.A. Lafferty
Forced Move, by Henry Lee
With These Hands, by C.M. Kornbluth
What is POSAT?, by Phyllis Sterling-Smith
Freeway, by Bryce Walton
A Little Journey, by Ray Bradbury
Inhibition, by James Causey
Hunt the Hunter, by Kris Neville
Citizen Jell, by Michael Shaara
Operation Distress, by Lester Del Rey
Slow Burn, by Henry Still
Syndrome Johnny, by Charles Dye
Psychotennis, anyone?, by Lloyd Williams
Prime Difference, by Alan Nourse
Doorstep, by Keith Laumer
The 3rd Party, by Lee Holum
The Drug, by C.C. MacApp
An Elephant For the Prinkip, by L.J. Stecher
License to Steal, by Louis Newman
The Last Letter, by Fritz Lieber
The Stuff, by Henry Slesar
The Celestial Hammerlock, by Donald Colvin
Always A Qurono, by Jim Harmon
Jamieson, by Bill Doede
A Fall of Glass, by Stanley Lee
Shatter the Wall, by Sydney Van Scyoc
Shango, by John Jakes
Transfer Point, by Anthony Boucher
Thy Name Is Woman, by Kenneth O’Hara
Twelve Times Zero, by Howard Browne
All Day Wednesday, by Richard Olin
Blind Spot, by Bascom Jones
Double Take, by Richard Wilson
Field Trip, by Gene Hunter
Larson’s Luck, by Gerald Vance
Navy Day, by Harry Harrison
One Martian Afternoon, by Tom Leahy
Planet of Dreams, by James McKimmey
Pioneers, by Basil Wells
Prelude To Space, by Robert Haseltine
Pythias, by Frederik Pohl
The Elroom, by Jerry Sohl
Show Business, by Boyd Ellanby
Slaves of Mercury, by Nat Schachner
Sound of Terror, by Don Berry
The Big Tomorrow, by Paul Lohrman
The Four-Faced Visitors of…Ezekiel, by Arthur Orton
The Happy Man, by Gerald Page
The Last Supper, by T.D. Hamm
The Earthman, by Irving Cox, Jr.
The One and the Many, by Milton Lesser
The Other Likeness, by James Schmitz
Money Is the Root of All Good, by Patrick Wilkins
The Outbreak of Peace, by H.B. Fyfe
The Skull, by Philip K. Dick
The Smiler, by Albert Hernhunter
The Unthinking Destroyer, by Roger Phillips
Two Timer, by Frederic Brown
Vital Ingredient, by Charles De Vet
Weak on Square Roots, by Russell Burton
With a Vengeance, by J.B. Woodley
Zero Hour, by Alexander Blade
The Great Nebraska Sea, by Allan Danzig
The Valor of Cappen Varra, by Poul Anderson
A Bad Day for Vermin, by Keith Laumer
Hall of Mirrors, by Frederic Brown
Common Denominator, by John MacDonald
The Ethicators, by Willard Marsh
Doctor, by Murray Leinster
The Nothing Equation, by Tom Godwin
The Last Evolution, by John Campbel[...]