30 Days to a More Powerful Business Vocabulary - Dan Strutzel

30 Days to a More Powerful Business Vocabulary

By Dan Strutzel

  • Release Date: 2020-09-30
  • Genre: Business & Personal Finance

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“…A LEARNING EXPERIENCE THAT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER.” -BRIAN TRACY The author of the best-selling 30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary, Dan Strutzel, now puts his focus on communicating successfully in the business world! Business is just like any sector or topic, with its own language, customs, codes, and terminologies. Different aspects of business can have their own distinctive terminology, which can also overlap. In 30 Days to a More Powerful Business Vocabulary, Dan presents over 500 words and short expressions from a variety of different business categories. Each section introduces approximately 25 words. Each of the words are initially presented in a story or conversation, so you can experience the correct context in which the words are used. Dan then discusses each word or phrase and its definition. Finally, he reinforces the word and its meaning with another example in a sentence. And of course, Dan has you make all of the words a part of your permanent vocabulary by using his “30-day learning program” based on well-known super-learning principles. There are four sections on banking and finance, four on marketing, and four on negotiation. Other sections focus on sales, entrepreneurship, human resources, e-business, leadership, and an all-new section on remote learning!
The book’s intention is to be entertaining, informative, and inspiring. As the world changes, language changes with it—and both are changing very fast. With 30 Days to a More Powerful Business Vocabulary, you’ll keep pace with those changes and watch your career benefit as a result!