The 16th Science Fiction MEGAPACK®: 77 Modern and Classic Science Fiction Stories - Ray Bradbury, Robert F. Young, Mike Resnick, Leigh Brackett & James MacCreigh

The 16th Science Fiction MEGAPACK®: 77 Modern and Classic Science Fiction Stories

By Ray Bradbury, Robert F. Young, Mike Resnick, Leigh Brackett & James MacCreigh

  • Release Date: 2021-01-28
  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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"Here is the 16th volume of the Science Fiction MEGAPACK® series...mammoth collections of well-formatted books and stories assembled for your reading pleasure (and always bargain priced). This volume is a general collection of modern and classic science fiction stories, many of them adventure tales and interplanetary space operas, including work by such authors as Mike Resnick, Ray Bradbury, Robert F. Young, Leigh Brackett—any many, many more! A LITTLE JOURNEY, by Ray Bradbury FOR I HAVE TOUCHED THE SKY, by Mike Resnick ENTER THE NEBULA, by Carl Jacobi THE LAST MONSTER, by Gardner F. Fox JINX SHIP TO THE RESCUE, by Alfred Coppel, Jr. JUPITER’S JOKE, by A. L. Haley COSMIC YO-YO, by Ross Rocklynne THE VIOLATORS, by Eando Binder JOE CARSON’S WEAPON, by James R. Adams BEER-TRUST BUSTERS, by A. R. Stuart BREATH OF BEELZEBUB, by Larry Sternig CHIMERA WORLD, by Wilbur S. Peacock COLONY OF THE UNFIT, by Manfred A. Carter THE BRAIN SINNER, by Alan E. Nourse COLOR BLIND, by Charles A. Stearns COMING OF THE GODS, by Chester Whitehorn CRISIS ON TITAN, by James R. Adams DEATH STAR, by Tom Pace THE PLUTO LAMP, by Chas. A. Stearns THE BEAST-JEWEL OF MARS, by V. E. Thiessen THE BURNT PLANET, by William Brittain DOUBLECROSS, by James MacCreigh DOWN WENT MCGINTY, by Fox Holden MANNth, by Gardner F. Fox EXAMPLE, by Tom Pace THE MAN THE SUN GODS MADE, by Gardner F. Fox “PHONE ME IN CENTRAL PARK,” by James McConnell FORMULA FOR CONQUEST, by James R. Adams THE GREAT GREEN BLIGHT, by Emmett McDowell IMAGE OF SPLENDOR, by Lu Kella THE BLUE VENUS, by Emmett Mcdowell VENUSIAN INVADER, by Larry Sternig THE ULTIMATE WORLD, by Bryce Walton THE SILVER PLAGUE, by Albert De Pina IN HIS IMAGE, by Bryce Walton SURVIVAL, by Basil Wells INVADER FROM INFINITY, by George Whittington RAIDERS OF THE SECOND MOON, by Gene Ellerman THE PRIMUS CURSE, by Bill Wesley JUPITER’S JOKE, by A. L. Haley THE MOON AND THE SUN, by James McKimmey, Jr. VANDALS OF THE VOID, by Robert Wilson KEEPER OF THE DEATHLESS SLEEP, by Albert De Pina THE TIME-TECHS OF KRA, by Max Sheridan THE LAND BEYOND THE FLAME, by Evelyn Goldstein LOVE AMONG THE ROBOTS, by Emmett McDowell THE GEISHA MEMORY, by Winston Marks THE VANISHER, by Michael Shaara TOTAL RECALL, by Larry Sternig BATTLEFIELD IN BLACK, by George A. Whittington THROUGH THE ASTEROIDS—TO HELL!, by Leroy Yerxa DUST UNTO DUST, by Lyman D. Hinckley MARY ANONYMOUS, by Bryce Walton THE SPACE BETWEEN, by Robert Ernest Gilbert MIRAGE FOR PLANET X, by Stanley Mullen PASSAGE TO PLANET X, by Henry Hasse PRISONER OF THE BRAIN-MISTRESS by Bryce Walton PRODIGAL WEAPON, by Vaseleos Garson SPACE BAT, by Carl Selwyn SPACE-LANE OF NO-RETURN, by George A. Whittington FOG OF THE FORGOTTEN, by Basil Wells SPIDER MEN OF GHARR, by Wilbur S. Peacock STEEL GIANTS OF CHAOS, by James R. Adams THE BRIDES OF OOL, by M. A. Cummings THE DERELICT, by William J. Matthews THE VANISHING VENUSIANS, by Leigh Brackett THE GRAVE OF SOLON REGH, by Chas. A. Stearns THE HAIRY ONES, by Basil Wells HAGERTY’S ENZYMES, by A. L. Haley THE HAPPY CASTAWAY, by Robert E. McDowell THE PURPLE PARIAH, by Byron Tustin THE RECLUSE, by Mike Curry ALIEN EQUIVALENT, by Richard R. Smith THE SHADOW-GODS, by Vaseleos Garson MIND STEALERS OF PLUTO, by Joseph Farrell THE ULTIMATE EVE, by H. Sanford Effron PILGRIMS’ PROJECT, by Robert F. Young If you enjoy this MEGAPACK®, search your favorite ebook store for ""Wildside Press MEGAPACK"" to see hundreds more, covering everything from science fiction and fantasy to mysteries, westerns, romance, adventure and single-author collections. Don't be fooled my look-alike copycats. Look for Wildside's MEGPACK® collections!"