100 Species of Songbirds: A Picture Book for Bird Watchers and Lovers - Tony Northrup

100 Species of Songbirds: A Picture Book for Bird Watchers and Lovers

By Tony Northrup

  • Release Date: 2012-02-21
  • Genre: Nature
4 Score: 4 (From 147 Ratings)


Award-winning author and photographer Tony Northrup has spent much of the last 15 years traveling the world photographing the diversity and beauty of life. In that time, more than 50 million people have enjoyed his wildlife photography website, www.northrup.org, the largest free collection of wildlife pictures from a single photographer. 

Now, Tony has published pictures of his favorite 100 songbird species as a book so that you can enjoy their beauty and diversity anywhere. Each picture is in full color with brilliant detail, so that you can appreciate the subtle adaptations of each species.

Here are just a few of the amazing birds shown in this book:
* Blackbirds (Red-winged and Yellow-hooded)
* Bluebirds
* Blue Jays
* Cardinals (Northern, Red-crested, and Yellow-billed)
* Catbirds 
* Chickadees
* Crows (4 species)
* Finches (8 species)
* Flycatchers (Great Crested and Willow)
* Grosbeaks (Black-backed and Rose-breasted)
* Juncos
* Magpies
* Mockingbirds
* Orioles (Baltimore and Jamaican)
* Robins
* Sparrows (9 species, including Eastern Towhees)
* Starlings (8 species)
* Swallows
* Tanagers (Blue-grey, Opal-rumped, and Scarlet)
* Veeries
* Warblers (8 species)
* Weavers (4 species)
* Wrens (Carolina and House)

...and much more!


  • 100 species of songbirds

    By 100 species of songbirds
    I liked the pictures in this book a lot and there is a lot of colors. The author did a good job with the pictures. -an iPad fan
  • Disappointed

    By Jamies Got a Gun
    Beautiful pictures! HOWEVER, would have liked more than profile views. Looked for front/ top view of heads for identifying marks. Top, wings open, bottom, wings open. Again to correctly identify some birds, who were in general close to monochromatic in color.
  • M

    By Matthew P S.
  • Great!!

    By EvilOne1967
    Pictures are fantastic! Great way to identify birds when bird watching. However, the only minor thing it lacks is how the regions should be added to where these birds can be seen. Love it, though! Great job! I highly recommend it!
  • Great Picture Book

    By aBraveLife
    I've always loved wildlife (specifically birds), but was inspired to buy this book after reading Tony Northrup's photography book (Stunning Digital Photography). They are both excellent! This book is filled with gorgeous pictures of birds and is perfect for any bird lover. Hopefully, with the help of the author's how-to book, I'll be taking beautiful bird pics of my own someday