Web of Spindled Time - Tom Henderson

Web of Spindled Time

By Tom Henderson

  • Release Date: 2011-05-11
  • Genre: Self-Improvement

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"Web of Spindled Time (A Poetic Point of View)" is a book of poetry compiled by the author over 45 years. It is made up of 17 shorter books, each with its own separate Title page, Dedication page, and Contents page which provides the titles of each poem in that book. There is a main Contents section at the beginning of this book. This section specifies the names of each of those 17 books, following with the titles and page numbers of all the poems in each book. Finally, at the end of the book there is an Index section with the titles and page numbers of each poem in the entire book presented in alphabetical order.

A majority of the poems distributed in this book were written in somewhat of a chronological order but, some were not. Some were placed in a way that seemed to convey more relevance and might even become somewhat complimentary to each other. There are many themes throughout this book. But, several ideas and concepts are often repeated and examined in a little different context or vision. Some of these repetitions are because of the values and importance that the author has placed on them. Some are because of his fervent curiosity and the great mysteries that still remain and mystify.

Since childhood, the author watched as life was continually changing around him. Very early on he was motivated by his own philosophical approaches to being, to self. The author presents many of his heartfelt perspectives in this book. Several of them depict common, everyday life experiences. Some were good, some bad, and some were simply driven by his insatiable spark of curiosity. Nevertheless, through pragmatic considerations, evolutionary reasoning, logical deductions, and much introspection, he offers many thought provoking observations. Indeed, the author has often delved into the deeper realms of thought and has attempted to relate as much to the reader.

In this book the author reveals many opinions about life and death and everything he experienced in between. Much of the focus of his rhyme and prose centers upon the self and his awareness of the same. He looks intently at human emotions and at the mind. He analyzes and wonders about human consciousness and the soul. He questions how our attitudes and perceptions can affect our descriptions of reality as well as how they naturally influence and direct our interactions with it. He examines how our attentions are always bringing certain aspects of our lives into focus and how we can utilize choices to alter what we are paying attention to thus, providing us with greater perspectives and more meaningful experiences.

He explores individuality and speculates how the compilation of personal memories culminate, thereby affecting our own sense of self, our identitiesmemories that build and build to form unconscious philosophical directives that continually influence and direct our behaviors, with or without us even knowing. He reveals intimate reflections from his soul even while he questions his own previous concepts and beliefs as well as the conventional thinking of the times. He ponders the state of humanity, its progressions, its limitations, and its aspirations. He weighs his own value system and analyzes the manifestations of good and bad, right and wrong, as well as the likes, dislikes, and prejudices that motivate human interactions. He looks at our somewhat biased judgments toward others. He probes into spirituality and looks at how our own personal philosophies may dictate the directions of the paths we walk. He wonders about chance happenings, action and reaction, fate, destiny, eternity, and infinity. And he