Rutstein’s Atlas of Binocular Vision - Robert P. Rutstein

Rutstein’s Atlas of Binocular Vision

By Robert P. Rutstein

  • Release Date: 2014-03-17
  • Genre: Medicine

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Rutstein’s Atlas of Binocular Vision is a content-rich interactive book, intended for students and clinicians in optometry and ophthalmology. Diagnoses are organized into 11 chapters spanning 156 pages including amblyopia, esotropia, exotropia, and three classes of incomitancy. Information on each individual diagnosis is presented in the following order:
Patient Presentation: Symptoms/Signs, Epidemiological Factors, Etiology, Natural Course Assessment: Diagnosis/Associated Findings, Differential Diagnosis Management: Treatment, Follow-up, Patient Education
Diagnoses are illustrated with over 300 color photographs that can be expanded to full screen with a tap or pinch-out gesture. There are also 16 video cases, demonstrating evaluation of patients using the prism cover test, versions and other techniques.

Bookmarks take the reader to another relevant section—particularly useful when considering differential diagnoses. The text contains automatic links to 184 glossary terms, automatically assembled into a set of study cards or flash cards. Text can be highlighted and annotated to create custom notes. These are automatically converted to study cards.

At the end of each chapter there are links to an external sources including peer-reviewed scientific papers (including many from the Amblyopia Treatment Study) and clinical practice guidelines. Users can thus immediately access pdfs and save them to their library.