The Blood Vivicanti Part 4 - Becket

The Blood Vivicanti Part 4

By Becket

  • Release Date: 2014-06-04
  • Genre: Paranormal

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Mary Paige’s photographic memory has made her a powerful Blood Vivicanti. Unlike the others, Wyn and Theo, she is the only one who can retain her Blood Memories and the talents of her victims. But her power took her too far and she nearly murdered a whole family in their sleep. Drunk on power and blood, Mary Paige then drank the black blood of a Sleeper Devil and was left for dead at the edge of a cliff. Now she awakens to find that Wyn’s mansion has been completely destroyed by an invasion of Sleeper Devils who have stolen the only way to create the Blood Vivicanti. Mary Paige must get her life together if she is going to help Wyn retrieve the Origin Blood. International Bestselling Author ANNE RICE and BECKET bring you the original new story of THE BLOOD VIVICANTI.