Spiritual Relationship - Bill Campbell

Spiritual Relationship

By Bill Campbell

  • Release Date: 2012-05-13
  • Genre: Christianity

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Book Description

Spiritual Relationship … by Bill Campbell
Opens with three chapters dedicated to showing that “Relationship” is what the message of the Kingdom of God is all about. Both Spiritual relationship with God, and Spiritual relationship with those of this Creation.

The common idea that Christianity is preached so that people might go to heaven is challenged as the writer uncovers the true message of Jesus, and the apostles.

This Book is a ready-made resource for the student that is discovering the Keys to the Kingdom of God; those that find themselves in a place of Spiritual Leadership.

“The words that come to us, that are from the Spirit of God, will bring us to the light of salvation. For you see, salvation is not about ‘qualifying to go to heaven’: it's about coming from darkness into light; and being reconciled into relationship with the Spirit of God.”

Learn about 3 different gospels being preached in the earth today … as you progress through the last chapter of Relationship, and into the integrity of your ministry.

12 Stages of Spiritual Development, the 7 Powers of Despondency, 3 Stages of God’s Revelation, Our Vision, and Our Works.

This Book … Spiritual Relationship - by Bill Campbell, is a great resource for the Spiritual Leader, and those that would seek help to understand … in this Great time of Global Spirituality.